Friday, November 14, 2014

The Atom- Sulfur

     There are many interesting things to learn about the element Sulfur such as its atom's properties, when, where, and who it was discovered by, how you may use it, and the overall history of it. This blog is all about Sulfur, so if information is what you need, this is the place to be.
About Sulfur

Periodic Table:
     Information about Sulfur's atom such as its atomic number, symbol, atomic mass, what period its in, and what group, or family its in can all be found on the Periodic Table of Elements. Depending on the periodic table you use, the elements name may also be listed.
Sulfur's symbol is simply an S, its atomic number is 16, and its atomic mass is 32.065.
     Sulfur's position on the periodic table can easily be found if you know what period and group it's in. Periods run vertically on the periodic table and tell you the number energy levels that an element has. Sulfur is in period 3, so it has 3 energy levels. Groups, however, run horizontally on the periodic table and show the number of valence electrons (electrons on the outermost energy level) that an element has. Sulfur can be found in group 16. Groups are also known as families. Elements in group 16, including Sulfur, are part of the Oxygen Family.
     The periodic table also shows if the element is a metal, metalloid, or nonmetal (going left to right). If the element is on the left side of the zig-zagged line, it's a metal, if it's on the right side of the zig-zagged line, it's a nonmetal, and if it's along the zig-zagged line, it's a metalloid. Sulfur is found to the right of the zig-zagged line, therefore, it's a nonmetal.


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